This is an ever-evolving project. We had the fortune to host a series of 5 workshops all over the world. Stereohaptics was originally born as a framework that enables haptic designers to quickly create, record, and playback haptic effects for media content. The concept is simple. Designers can use input tools, such as a microphone, to record haptic signals. Then using a commercial-available software, PureData, designers can modify how signals feel. Overtime, Stereohaptics evolved to a complete toolkit that can play haptic signals on different haptic output devices, e.g., vibrotactile and electric muscle stimulators, recorded using various input devices, e.g., microphones and accelerometers.

Our hardware design was also improved to accommodate different hand size and to ease wearing process.

Generation 1. SIGGRAPH’15

The first generation of Stereohaptics

Generation 2. TEI’16

The second generation of Stereohaptics

Generation 3. SIGGRAPH’16

We introduced a wide variety of haptic output devices The third generation of Stereohaptics