Project Requirements

The assignment was to make a visual book on anything original – short story, expository, children’s poetry, fiction or nonfiction. I decided to write a short story about the Red Thread, a myth in both Chinese and Japanese culture. According to the myth, on everyone’s pinky (or ankles according to the Chinese version), there wraps a red thread that connects you to your soul mate, the person you should end up with. The final print is an accordion book of 16 pages. Each page is 5.5 inches * 5.5 inches.

Lesson Learned

White space can sometimes make a book more attractive. This is one of the most important lessons that I learned while doing the assignment. There are a lot of blank space in my book. Since the red color flows throughout the entire book, readers would naturally follow along with it while reading through the book. The blank spaces also let the readers better focus on the red thread, which is the MAIN theme of the book.

This book also offered me a chance to practice typography. By using different fonts for the names of the chapers, they better communicate their meanings to the readers.

Full Book

Scanned version of the entire book